Parent: IHL7ConnectServices

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This is the master COM interface for the HL7Connect COM library.

This is the only COM interface that is created directly; all the other objects are derived from factories generated by this interface

The first method you must call is either InitServer or InitLocal. Once whichever of these has returned sucessfully, you are able to use any of the other methods.

interface todo:


BeDocumentReceiver(name : String, handler : IHL7ConnectDocumentTransferOut)
BeMessageReceiver(name : String, handler : IHL7ConnectMessageTransferOut)
GetDocumentSender(name : String) : IHL7ConnectDocumentTransferIn
GetMessageSender(name : String) : IHL7ConnectMessageTransferIn
InitLocal(logFile : String, loincCache : String, snomedCache : String, ucumCache : String)
InitServer(logFile : String, url : String, name : String, password : String)
NotifyWait(iId : Integer, iSeconds : Integer)

From IHL7ConnectServices:

CDA : ICDAManager
DescribeServer : String
ExecuteKScript(script : String) : String
GetNextKey(name : String) : Integer
HL7 : IHL7V2Manager
IDs : IIdServices
Log(Level : Integer, content : String)
Loinc : ILoincManager
Notify(name : String, message : String)
UCUM : IUcumManager
Version : String

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