procedure CreateDBMySQL(Name : String; Server : String; Database : String; Username : String; Password : String; ConnCount : Integer);

Class IHL7ConnectKernel

Create a database connection pool using the mysql client.

The name you provide must be unique for the instance of HL7Connect. You will need to use the name in a GetDB call to actually use the database. The database will be listed in the internal logging page.

You must specify a valid Server, Database, Username, and Password. The database name must be the server filename with path. TCP/IP will be used. If there is a problem with the database access requested, an exception will be raised.

If ConnCount is supplied it is the maximum number of connections that the connection pool will allow.

It is recommended that database connection pools be created in the OnKernelStart event, but you can create them on the fly as required.

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