procedure DefineCustomLog(Name : String; Description : String; Filename : String; Header : String; MaxSize : Integer);

Class IHL7ConnectKernel

Define a custom log file. These are useful because the main HL7Connect log can cycle fairly quickly (depending on the settings) and some script generated log entries might be desired to be stored for longer.

If a custom log is desired, this routine should be executed in a start up script. The name is a logical name (an alphanumeric string) by which the log is known in HL7Connect. The description is used to identify the log in the HL7Connect interface. The filename is the filename that is used - it is relative, and found in the same directory as the other HL7Connect log files. The MaxSize is in kb. The file will be truncated from the front once the total size exceeds MaxSize. If a header is provided, this is always found at the start of the file.

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