procedure WriteToLog(Level : Integer; Content : String);

Class IHL7ConnectKernel

make an entry in the appropriate log for HL7Connect The level relates to the level of debugging that the administrator chooses. The following levels are described (and available as constants in the script environment):

DBG_FATAL       1   Fatal Error
   DBG_SERIOUS     2   Serious Errors
   DBG_ANNOUNCE    3   Announcements
   DBG_WRONG       4   Code Logic Errors
   DBG_EXCEPTION   6   Exceptions
   DBG_ERROR       7   Operational Errors
   DBG_WARNING     8   Warnings
   DBG_PROCESS    10   Program Flow

If the level is lower than that specified by the administrator then the message will be logged.

Note that writeToLog never actually takes any action other than writing to the log, irrespective of the level

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