procedure SendMessage(msg : ITransferredMessage; iId : Integer; reply : ITransferredMessage);

Class IHL7ConnectServerMessageReceiverPlugin

HL7Connects sends a message, and the application replies. The reply is already constructed as a message object model which is a reply to the message. The application can either leave the reply as is to accept the message, modify the message contents using the model, or provide a different reponse as a binary. if the handler method throws an exception, the reply will be used as the response with an AE written over any existing value

A reply is required.

By default, Hl7Connect will wait the the configured timeout for a response from the interface, not knowing the status. Set the timeout too short, and HL7Connect will abandon the message before you've processed it, if processing takes too long. Set the timeout too long, and HL7Connect will take ages to give up on the client when the client is not available. One way to resolve this is for to notify Hl7Connect with an estimate of how long processing will take. To do this, pass the iId parameter to the NotifyWait procedure (External COM mode only)

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