procedure DecodeOptions(APacket : String; options : String);

Class IHL7Message

decode converts a message into a DOM type tree integrated with the dictionary.

The options must be one or more of the following words, separated by whitespace:

    Where X is 2.v (i.e. 2.3 or 2.3.1). v can be any of the supported versions.
    Parse as if the specified version, irrespective of what the message says

    Where n is an integer. Parse up the first n segments only. If n is 0, or
    this option is not specified, the entire message will be parsed.

    Treat as xml without first trying to figure out what it is

    Treat as vertical bar message without first trying to figure out what it is

    Tell the parser to do it's best to suppress errors encountered reading
    messages. Mostly this relates to XML parsing where the apparent semantics
    in the instance don't match the specified semantics in the standard

    Don't allow odd length \Xdd\ escape sequences to have a '0' prepended to them. (causes an exception instead)
    i.e. \X9\ is not treated as \X09\

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