function LoadFromDicomObject(obj : IDicomObject; TransferSyntax : String; index : Integer) : IImage;

Class IImageManager

Load an image from the given dicom object. Transfer syntax is required, though an empty string is allowed (interpreted to mean no encoding etc in the images). An index is required. 0 is the first frame in the image (some images are multi-frame. You can check how many frames the object has using element 0028,0008

For a simple dicom message in a normal script, the transferSyntax is msg.TransferSyntax, and the appropriate dicom object to extract the image from is Message.Data. Other combinations may be appropriate for complex dicom messages.

Whatever the image format in the Dicom message (most static images are supported) the image will be loaded as a 24bit colour image, and the image colour depth scaled appropriately for display on a window, or conversion to another kind of image

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