function LoadFromOBX(segment : IHL7Segment; username : String; password : String) : IImage;

Class IImageManager

Read an Image From an OBX

an error will occur if the OBX does not contain an image

RP Data Type ------------ RP data types, two forms are supported.

The first is that documented in V2 (from v2.6 forward). The Application ID (component 2) shall include the Scheme and Authority parts of the URI, and the path. Component 1 shall include the Query part of the URI, or the Path part if that points to an object. All delimiters between URI parts (":", "/", "?") should be included in the components.

The second is simpler: the Application ID is the OID for the internet (, and the pointer is the full URL.

The following schemes are supported: http, ftp, https

username and password are for if the segment contains a reference to a server that issues an authentication challenge

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