function SaveToBuffer(image : IImage; id : String; expiry : String; groups : String; mimeType : String) : String;

Class IImageManager

Store the image so it can be served up on the web interface.

This function returns the path by which the image can be retrieved on the web interface, not including the server address

id is optional, and is a specified identifier that can be used to retrieve the image later. It must be unique (max length 100) (GUIDs are recommended - Kernel.Ids.MakeGUID)

Possible Values for expiry

  [blank]: the content will persist in the buffer until deleted manually
  N[u]: Length of time, where n is "d" for days, "m" for months, "y" for years i.e. 3d
  YYYYMMDD: specified date to delete content

groups - a space separated list of domain groups that get access to the document. No groups means insecure access (no authentication required) (max length of groups is 50) {security not implemented yet)

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