procedure SaveToDicomObject(image : IImage; obj : IDicomObject; TransferSyntax : String; useColour : Boolean);

Class IImageManager

Save the image to the Dicom Object using the nominated TransferSyntax. Note that the 3 base transfer syntaxes are interchangable at this level (VR and endianness) but the other transfer syntaxes affect the way that the image is encoded.

This routine assumes that the Dicom Object is in the correct context, and saves the image to it. Specifically, this routine updates the following elements on the object:

  FrameCount : 0028,0008
  Width : 0028,0011
  Height : 0028,0010
  SamplesPerPixel : 0028,0002
  BitsAllocated : 0028,0100
  BitsStored : 0028,0101
  HighBit : 0028,0102
  PixelRepresentation : 0028,0103
  Pixels : 7FE0,0010

options is a space separated list of key words. The following words are recognised:

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