This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This event is called when a message has been sent and no reply was received. Usually this event is used to report errors and take other actions as desired. Note: You can stop the outgoing interface on which this error has occurred, but it will not actually stop until the script for this event has completed, so don't wait for the interface to stop (Started = false)

If the script chooses, it can build a reply in ReplyMessage and set UseReplyMessage. In this case, HL7connect will treat the ReplyMessage as the reply from the interface. Setting UseReplyMessage := true while sequencenumbering is in use can have unexpected consequences. It's best not to do this


Message : IHL7ConnectMessage
ReplyMessage : IHL7ConnectMessage
SourceInterface : IHL7ConnectInterface
UseReplyMessage : Boolean
EventName : String
Iface : IHL7ConnectInterface
IsTestCase : Boolean
Parameter : String

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Keywords: IMessageTimeoutEvent, TMessageTimeoutEvent