This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This event is called after a Dicom Message is sent, and a response has been received.

Before this event is called, the incoming reply is interpreted into the response that summarises the reply. The script can override the interpretation of the DICOM replies, and/or change the values in the one or more messages received from the external destination system

The logs are written after this event


Message : IHL7ConnectDicomMessage
Replies : List(IDicomMessage)
Response : IDicomResponse
SourceInterface : IHL7ConnectInterface
EventName : String
Iface : IHL7ConnectInterface
IsTestCase : Boolean
Parameter : String


SendToInterface(Name : String)
SendToInterfaceWithParams(Name : String, OutTranslationParam : String, InTranslationParam : String)
SendToVirtualQueue(Name : String)
SendToVirtualQueueWithPartition(Name : String, Partition : String)

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