This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This event is called immediately before a Dicom Message is sent. If the script chooses, it can abort further message sending by setting the Response.Outcome to either droAccepted or droRejected.

The script is able to modify the message as it chooses but it should maintain a valid Dicom message.

The logs are written after this event

XSLT: the input is the message to be sent (in XML format used in the development environment), the output replaces the document to be sent


Message : IHL7ConnectDicomMessage
Replies : List(IDicomMessage)
Response : IDicomResponse
SourceInterface : IHL7ConnectInterface
EventName : String
Iface : IHL7ConnectInterface
IsTestCase : Boolean
Parameter : String


SendToInterface(Name : String)
SendToInterfaceWithParams(Name : String, OutTranslationParam : String, InTranslationParam : String)
SendToVirtualQueue(Name : String)
SendToVirtualQueueWithPartition(Name : String, Partition : String)

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