This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This event is called immediately before a message is sent. If the script chooses, it can build a reply in ReplyMessage and set UseReplyMessage. In this case, the message will not be sent an ReplyMessage will be sent as the response

The script is able to modify the Message as it chooses but it should maintain a valid MSH segment.

The logs are written after this event

Setting UseReplyMessage := true while sequencenumbering is in use can have unexpected consequences. It's best not to do this

Note that when this event is called with a message that is being passed through, the message is not stored (if the incoming interface message processing mode is "Pass-through with store", the message will be stored after the remote system has responded).

XSLT: the input is the message to be sent, the output replaces the message to be sent


Message : IHL7ConnectMessage
ReplyMessage : IHL7ConnectMessage
SourceInterface : IHL7ConnectInterface
UseReplyMessage : Boolean
EventName : String
Iface : IHL7ConnectInterface
IsTestCase : Boolean
Parameter : String


SendToInterface(Name : String)
SendToInterfaceWithParams(Name : String, OutTranslationParam : String, InTranslationParam : String)
SendToVirtualQueue(Name : String)
SendToVirtualQueueWithPartition(Name : String, Partition : String)

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