This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

This event is called once a reply has been generated for a message. The script is allowed full access to the reply message but should leave the MSH and MSA fields populated.

The logs are written after this event

This event is also a chance to queue the incoming message (SourceMessage) for other interfaces, but beware that the event will be called whether or not the message was accepted. (Use SourceMessage.Stored to check)

XSLT: the input is the reply that will be sent, the output replaces the reply


SourceMessage : IHL7ConnectMessage
ReplyMessage : IHL7ConnectMessage
EventName : String
Iface : IHL7ConnectInterface
IsTestCase : Boolean
Parameter : String


SendToInterface(Name : String)
SendToInterfaceWithParams(Name : String, OutTranslationParam : String, InTranslationParam : String)
SendToVirtualQueue(Name : String)
SendToVirtualQueueWithPartition(Name : String, Partition : String)

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