Parent: IcdaBase

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

The CDA body can be either an unstructured blob, or can be comprised of structured markup. Every CDA document has exactly one body, associated with the ClinicalDocument class through the component relationship.


nonXMLBody : IcdaNonXMLBody
structuredBody : IcdaStructuredBody
HasContextConductionInd : Boolean
contextConductionInd : Boolean
typeCode : String

From IcdaBase:

nullFlavor : Tv3NullFlavor
realmCode : List(Iv3CS)
templateId : List(Iv3II)
typeId : Iv3II
xmlId : String


From Iv3Base:

CDAClassName : String
CDAClassType : TCDAClassType
Equals(oOther : Iv3Base) : Boolean
RIMClassName : String

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