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This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

In terms of the relationship between a section and its entries, CDA defines a default general case, and a more specific case that can be used when applicable.

The entry relationship is defaulted to "COMP" (component), for the general case where the only assertion is that the related entries are contained within the source section and no other semantics are implied. In this case, the narrative is the original authenticated content. The CDA entries are created by various techniques (e.g., natural language processing, a human coder, a structured data entry tool that outputs both entries and a text report). The method of entry creation may be indicated by the entry participants (e.g., by identifying the algorithm or person that generated them). Relationships between various entries (such as two Observations or an Observation and an ObservationMedia) are encoded using the relationship types defined in entryRelationship.


act : IcdaAct
encounter : IcdaEncounter
observation : IcdaObservation
observationMedia : IcdaObservationMedia
organizer : IcdaOrganizer
procedure_ : IcdaProcedure
regionOfInterest : IcdaRegionOfInterest
substanceAdministration : IcdaSubstanceAdministration
supply : IcdaSupply
clinicalStatement : IcdaClinicalStatement
HasContextConductionInd : Boolean
contextConductionInd : Boolean
typeCode : String

From IcdaBase:

nullFlavor : Tv3NullFlavor
realmCode : List(Iv3CS)
templateId : List(Iv3II)
typeId : Iv3II
xmlId : String


From Iv3Base:

CDAClassName : String
CDAClassType : TCDAClassType
Equals(oOther : Iv3Base) : Boolean
RIMClassName : String

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