Property regionOfInterest : IcdaRegionOfInterest; (Read/Write)

Class IcdaEntryRelationship

A derivative of the RIM Observation class that represents a region of interest on an image, using an overlay shape. RegionOfInterest is used to make reference to specific regions in images, e.g., to specify the site of a physical finding by "circling" a region in a schematic picture of a human body. The units of the coordinate values in RegionOfInterest.value are in pixels, expressed as a list of integers. The origin is in the upper left hand corner, with positive X values going to the right and positive Y values going down. The relationship between a RegionOfInterest and its referenced ObservationMedia or ExternalObservation is specified by traversing the entryRelationship or reference class, respectively, where typeCode equals "SUBJ". A RegionOfInterest must reference exactly one ObservationMedia or one ExternalObservation. If the RegionOfInterest is the target of a <renderMultimedia> reference, then it shall only reference a ObservationMedia and not an ExternalObservation.

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