Parent: IsnBase

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

Used to wrap a string of text so that it can be explicitly referenced, or so that it can suggest rendering characteristics. Content can be nested recursively, which enables wrapping a string of plain text down to as small a chunk as desired.

Content has an optional identifier that can serve as the target of a reference. This identifier, represented as an XML ID attribute, must be unique within the document context. The originalText attribute of a datatype defined in this specification may make explicit reference to the content using the identifier, thereby indicating the original text associated with the datatype.


parts : List(IsnCMContent)
revised : TsnRevised

From IsnBase:

ID : Unicode
language : Unicode
styleCode : TAdvWideStringList


From INarrativeBase:

CDAClassName : String
CDAClassType : TCDAClassType
Equals(oOther : Iv3Base) : Boolean
RIMClassName : String

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