Property code : WideString; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3CD

The plain code symbol defined by the code system, or an expression in a syntax defined by the code system which describes the concept.

If a code is provided, it SHALL be an exact match to a plain code symbol or expression defined by the code system. If the code system defines a code or expression that includes whitespace, the code SHALL include the whitespace. An expression can only be used where the codeSystem either defines an expression syntax, or there is a generally accepted syntax for the codeSystem. A code system may be defined that only defines an expression syntax with bindings to other code Systems for the elements of the expression.

It is at the discretion of the interpreting system whether to check for an expression instead of a simple code and evaluate the expression instead of treating the expression as a code. In some cases, it may be unclear or ambiguous whether the code represents a single symbol or an expression. This usually arises where the code system defines an expression language and then defines pre-coordinated concepts with symbols which match their expression, e.g. UCUM. In other cases, it is safe to treat the expression as a symbol. There is no guarantee that this is always safe: the definitions of the codeSystem should always be consulted to determine how to handle potential expressions.

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