Property displayName : Iv3ST; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3CD

A name, title, or representation for the code or expression as it exists in the code system.

If populated, the displayName SHALL be a valid human readable representation of the concept as defined by the code system at the time of data entry. The displayName SHALL conform to any rules defined by the codingSystem; if the codeSystem does not define a human representation for the code or expression, then none can be provided. displayName is included both as a courtesy to an unaided human interpreter of a code value and as a documentation of the name used to display the concept to the user. The display name has no functional meaning; it SHALL never exist without a code; and it SHALL never modify the meaning of the code. A display name may not be present if the code is an expression for which no display name has been assigned or can be derived. Information Processing Entities claiming direct or indirect conformance MAY choose not to implement displayName but SHALL NOT reject instances because displayName is present.

Display names SHALL not alter the meaning of the code value. Therefore, display names SHOULD NOT be presented to the user on a receiving application system without ascertaining that the display name adequately represents the concept referred to by the code value. Communication SHALL NOT simply rely on the display name. The display name's main purpose is to support implementation debugging.

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