Property valueSet : WideString; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3CD

The value set that applied when this CD was created.

Value sets shall be referred to by an identifier name which allows unambiguous reference to a value set. Where either ISO or HL7 have assigned an identifying name to a value set, then that name shall be used.

In many cases, a CD is created from a value set - either a code/code system pair is chosen from a valueSet, or one is not chosen and the CD has the exceptional value of NullFlavor.OTH. If no code is chosen, it is generally inappropriate to reference the code system from which the code was chosen as the value set may not match the code system (may include a subset of the codeSystem, or additional terms from other code systems); instead, the value set should be provided. In addition, there are some known use cases where the value set that a user or system was offered when choosing a code affects the interpretation of the code.

If a code is provided, the meaning of the code must come from the definition of the code in the code system. The meaning of the code SHALL NOT depend on the value set. Information Processing Entities claiming direct or indirect conformance SHALL NOT be required to interpret the code in light of the valueSet, and they SHALL NOT reject an instance because of the presence or absence of any or a particular value set.

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