Property reference : Iv3TEL; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3ED

A URL the target of which provides the binary content.

The semantic value of an encapsulated data value is the same, regardless whether the content is present as inline content or just by reference. However, an encapsulated data value without inline content behaves differently, since any attempt to examine the content requires the data to be downloaded from the reference. An encapsulated data value may have both inline content and a reference.

If data is provded in the value, data or xml attributes, the reference SHALL point to the same data. It is an error if the data resolved through the reference does not match either the integrity check, data as provided, or data that had earlier been retrieved through the reference and then cached. The mediatype of the ED SHALL match the type returned by accessing the reference.

The reference may contain a usablePeriod to indicate that the data may only be available for a limited period of time. Whether the reference is limited by a usablePeriod or not, the content of the reference SHALL be fixed for all time. Any application using the reference SHALL always receive the same data, or an error. The reference cannot be reused to send a different version of the same data, or different data

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