This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

Information about the history of this value: period of validity and a reference to an identified event that established this value as valid.

Because of the way that the types are defined, a number of attributes of the datatypes have values with a type derived from HXIT. In these cases the HXIT attributes are constrained to null. The only case where the HXIT attributes are allowed within a datatype is on items in a collection (DSET, LIST, BAG, HIST).

The use of these attributes is generally subject to further constraints in the specifications that make use of these types


controlInformationExtension : Unicode
controlInformationRoot : Unicode
validTimeHigh : Unicode
validTimeLow : Unicode


CDAClassName : String
CDAClassType : TCDAClassType
Equals(oOther : Iv3Base) : Boolean
RIMClassName : String

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