Parent: Iv3ANY

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

An identifier that uniquely identifies a thing or object.

Examples are object identifier for HL7 RIM objects, medical record number, order id, service catalog item id, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), etc. Instance identifiers are usually defined based on ISO object identifiers.

An identifier allows someone to select one record, object or thing from a set of candidates. Usually an identifier alone without any context is not usable. Identifiers are distinguished from concept descriptors as concept descriptors never identify an individual thing, although there may sometimes be an individual record or object that represents the concept.

Information Processing Entities claiming direct or indirect conformance SHALL never assume that receiving applications can infer the identity of issuing authority or the type of the identifier from the identifier or components thereof


HasDisplayable : Boolean
displayable : Boolean
extension : Unicode
identifierName : Unicode
reliability : Tv3IdentifierReliability
root : Unicode
scope : Tv3IdentifierScope

From Iv3ANY:

flavorId : Unicode
nullFlavor : Tv3NullFlavor
updateMode : Tv3UpdateMode

From Iv3HXIT:

controlInformationExtension : Unicode
controlInformationRoot : Unicode
validTimeHigh : Unicode
validTimeLow : Unicode


From Iv3ANY:

isNonNull : Boolean
isNull : Boolean
Literal : Unicode

From Iv3HXIT:

CDAClassName : String
CDAClassType : TCDAClassType
Equals(oOther : Iv3Base) : Boolean
RIMClassName : String

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