Property identifierName : WideString; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3II

This is a human-readable name for the namespace represented in the root.

Note: It is a descriptive name for the actual namespace. e.g. "California, U.S. Driver's License Number, 1970-".

IdentifierName does NOT refer to the organization which issued the identifier (e.g. California Dept. of Motor Vehicles). It is intended for use as a human readable label when an identifier must be displayed to a human user where an OID would not be meaningful.

The Identifier Name has no computational value. IdentifierName can never modify the meaning of the root attribute. The purpose of the Identifer Name is to assist an unaided human interpreter of an II value to interpret the authority. Applications SHALL NOT attempt to perform any decision-making, matching, filtering or other processing based on the presence or value of this property. It is for display and development assistance only. All decision logic MUST be based solely on the root and extension properties. Information Processing Entities claiming direct or indirect conformance MAY choose not to implement identifierName but SHALL NOT reject instances because identifierName is present.

Note: In general, it should only be used when an extension is present, allowing for a display such as "California, U.S. Driver's License Number, 1970-: 123456789". There are absolutely no guidelines for the contents of this text other than it should be completely descriptive of the namespace. E.g. "Driver's License" or even "California Driver's License" would not be ideal. However, formatting, capitalization, whitepace, language, etc. are completely up to the sender.

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