Property updateMode : Tv3UpdateMode; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3IVL

This property allows a sending system to identify the role that the attribute plays in processing the instance that is being represented.

If populated, the value of this attribute SHALL be taken from the HL7 UpdateMode code system. -- Update mode. Should always be umNull in a CDA document


umA : Add : The item was (or is to be) added, having not been present immediately before. (If it is already present, this may be treated as an error condition.)

umD : Remove : The item was (or is to be) removed (sometimes referred to as deleted). If the item is part of a collection, delete any matching items.

umR : Replace : The item existed previously and has been (or is to be) revised. (If an item does not already exist, this may be treated as an error condition.)

umAR : Add or Replace : The item was (or is to be) either added or replaced. No assertion is made as to whether the item previously existed

umN : No Change : There was (or is to be) no change to the item. This is primarily used when this element has not changed, but other attributes in the instance have changed.

umU : Unknown : It is not specified whether or what kind of change has occurred to the item, or whether the item is present as a reference or identifying property.

umK : Key : This item is part of the identifying information for the object that contains it

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