Property uncertainty : Iv3QTY; (Read/Write)

Class Iv3MO

The uncertainty of the quantity using a distribution function and its parameters. It is the primary measure of variance/uncertainty of the value (the square root of the sum of the squares of the differences between all data points and the mean). The actual type of uncertainty depends on the type of the QTY and is fixed for each type.

Uncertainty SHALL only be applied to value domains that have a continuous distribution (REAL, PQ, MO, and TS). Uncertainty MAY be applied to the numerator and denominator of a RTO separately.

Uncertainty SHALL not have an expression. Uncertainty SHALL not have uncertainty of its own. Uncertainty SHALL not have originalText - any uncertainty associated with the QTY should be conveyed as part of the originalText of the QTY itself.

Note: uncertainty does not have it's own originalText because it is expected that the uncertainty of the quantity should be expressed in the originalText of the quantity itself.

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