Lists possible uses for telecommunication addresses


tauH : Home address : A communication address at a home, attempted contacts for business purposes might intrude privacy and chances are one will contact family or other household members instead of the person one wishes to call. Typically used with urgent cases, or if no other contacts are available

tauHP : Primary Home : The primary home, to reach a person after business hours

tauHV : Vacation Home : A vacation home, to reach a person while on vacation

tauWP : Work Place : An office address. First choice for business related contacts during business hours

tauDIR : Direct : Indicates a work place address or telecommunication address that reaches the individual or organization directly without intermediaries. For phones, often referred to as a 'private line'

tauPUB : Public : Indicates a work place address or telecommunication address that is a 'standard' address which may reach a reception service, mail-room, or other intermediary prior to the target entity

tauBAD : Bad address : A flag indicating that the address is bad, in fact, useless

tauTMP : Temporary address : A temporary address, may be good for visit or mailing. Note that an address history can provide more detailed information

tauAS : Answering Service : An automated answering machine used for less urgent cases and if the main purpose of contact is to leave a message or access an automated announcement

tauEC : Emergency Contact : A contact specifically designated to be used for emergencies. This is the first choice in emergencies, independent of any other use codes

tauMC : Mobile Contact : A telecommunication device that moves and stays with its owner. May have characteristics of all other use codes, suitable for urgent matters, not the first choice for routine business

tauPG : Pager: A paging device suitable to solicit a callback or to leave a very short message

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