Lists Timing events that a repeating event may relate to


teHS : HS : the hour of sleep

teWAKE : WAKE : upon waking

teAC : AC : before meal (from lat. ante cibus)

teACM : ACM : before breakfast (from lat. ante cibus matutinus)

teACD : ACD : before lunch (from lat. ante cibus diurnus)

teACV : ACV : before dinner (from lat. ante cibus vespertinus)

teIC : IC : between meals (from lat. inter cibus)

teICM : ICM : between breakfast and lunch

teICD : ICD : between lunch and dinner

teICV : ICV : between dinner and the hour of sleep

tePC : PC : after meal (from lat. post cibus)

tePCM : PCM : after breakfast (from lat. post cibus matutinus)

tePCD : PCD: after lunch (from lat. post cibus diurnus)

tePCV : PCV : after dinner (from lat. post cibus vespertinus)

teC : C : meal (from lat. cibus)

teCM : CM : breakfast (from lat. cibus matutinus)

teCD : CD : lunch (from lat. cibus diurnus)

teCV : CV : dinner (from lat. cibus vespertinus)

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