Update mode. Should always be umNull in a CDA document


umA : Add : The item was (or is to be) added, having not been present immediately before. (If it is already present, this may be treated as an error condition.)

umD : Remove : The item was (or is to be) removed (sometimes referred to as deleted). If the item is part of a collection, delete any matching items.

umR : Replace : The item existed previously and has been (or is to be) revised. (If an item does not already exist, this may be treated as an error condition.)

umAR : Add or Replace : The item was (or is to be) either added or replaced. No assertion is made as to whether the item previously existed

umN : No Change : There was (or is to be) no change to the item. This is primarily used when this element has not changed, but other attributes in the instance have changed.

umU : Unknown : It is not specified whether or what kind of change has occurred to the item, or whether the item is present as a reference or identifying property.

umK : Key : This item is part of the identifying information for the object that contains it

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