Common Settings

Field    Description
Name of Interface    Use a unique, logical name for this interface, as it is used throughout HL7Connect for the interface
Display Group    Specifying a value in this field will "group" the interface on the status page based on this value.
Handy for differentiating between test or live interfaces or other categories rather than have many interfaces simply listed on the status page with no grouping.
User Note    Allows a note to be placed besides the interface on the status page.
Status    Determines if the interface is active.
Inactive interfaces are not listed on the status page, and cannot be started, unless their status is changed to be active.
Start Up    Sets the interface to start automatically when the HL7Connect service starts
Schedule    Specifies particular times of the day that the interface is active. The format for this is a series of time periods (using a 24 hour clock), separated by comms, like this: "07:00-08:00,15:00-16:00". The interface will not be active outside the specified time periods.
Storage Policy    See Managing Message Storage for more details

Incoming Interfaces

Field    Description
Message Processing Mode
   One of:
  • Store And Forward: Accepts Messges/Documents and stores them in the database, then forwards them to other systems as configured. Responses from other systems are ignored unless scripts do something with them")
  • Store, Forward, And Dispose: Like Store and Forward mode, but Messages and Documents are disposed of as soon as they have been delivered to their destinations")
  • Pass-Through Mode: Passes "+cnames+" straight through to designated outbound interface, and returns the response directly to the sender. No messages are stored. There must be one and only one route for each message (if no routes are found, the message is simply stored)")
  • Pass-Through with Store: Like Pass-Through mode, but incoming Messages and Documents are stored, along with responses if the outbound interface is so configured")

Outgoing Interfaces

Field    Description
Queue Timeout    Number of seconds messages will wait in the pass-through queue before timing out  (i.e. incoming message or document has been directed to pass straight through without being stored in database)

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