The purpose of HL7Connect is to pass messages between two applications, via user defined interfaces, through HL7Connect. Interfaces exist between the external application, and HL7Connect, so the two applications can communicate.

Interfaces within HL7Connect are either inbound or outbound. While each interface will send and receive messages, only one system may be the initiating system with regard to messages.

Inbound Interfaces

Inbound interfaces receive information from sending applications. An acknowledgement is then sent immediately to the sending application, confirming that the message was received and that the message contains valid HL7 data.

HL7Connect inbound interfaces will not send messages to any other system except to acknowledge messages received from those systems, as per HL7 standard.

The inbound interface is configured by the user so the message can be processed in one of several ways. The message can either be routed straight through HL7Connect to an outgoing interface without being stored, or the message can be stored. The message can then be routed on to one or more outbound interfaces.

Outbound Interfaces

The outbound interface will send messages to a receiving application. The receiving application should immediately acknowledge receipt of a valid HL7 message, as per HL7 standard.

HL7Connect outbound interfaces will report errors if a system sends messages to the outbound interface that are not replies to messages sent by HL7Connect.

Example configuration

An Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) message, from a Hospital Patient Administration System (PAS), is sent to departmental systems such as Pathology, Radiology and Pharmacy. Result information from each of the departmental systems can be returned to the PAS.

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The ADT message from LIS will be received by HL7Connect via an incoming interface, validated, stored in HL7Connect, and acknowledged immediately. The message will then be sent by the outbound interface to each of the receiving systems.

When Departmental systems send results to the PAS, the message is sent via a different set of interfaces.

HL7Connect supports many interface transport types.

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