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The HL7Connect Kernel is the core of HL7Connect. Nearly all the available functionality hangs off the kernel and it's global variables described here

These variables are available in any script at anytime. Between them they allow scripts to access to the HL7Connect internal infrastructure. You cannot use these names for other variables.

Kernel The Kernel Variable provides access to

  • Database Services
  • Interfaces & Virtual Queues
  • Message Sending & Notifications
  • Logging, Snomed and Loinc Utilities
WScript Equivalent to the Windows Script Host WScript object
Database The Database object provides direct access to the primary HL7Connect database. In addition to general database features, it provides access to HL7Connect database information such as Usernames, Auditlogs, and Configuration tables
Licence This provides access to licence information
RASManager The RAS manager provides access to the RAS subsystem. You can check connection states, and connect and disconnect RAS connections
Lex This provides access to lexicon services
HL7v2Manager General HL7 v2 services - message creation, file reading/writing, script reuse
CDAManager General CDA services - document creation, file reading/writing, script reuse
CDAFactory Accessto CDA factory. Superceded by CDAManager above, but maintained for backwards compatibility
Imaging Provides Imaging related services - primarily conversion between different formats
UCUM Provides UCUM services - units, unit conversions, and decimal values
Loinc LOINC services
Dicom Dicom services
Ids Provides OID related services.
SmsManager Send SMS messages, and prompt system to check for incoming SMS messages

Note that all these words are reserved words that cannot be used for variable names in scripts.

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