KScript is a proprietary scripting language included in HL7Connect to support rapid generation of xml messages and documents. To develop a KScript script, you start with an example of the XML message that you wish to produce - either v2.xml format, or a CDA document - and then you go through the document replacing the actual content that will change with statements surrounded with <% and %>. The KScript language supports:


KScript is a better choice than other scripting languages when the content is XML, and must mostly be generated, and the object model is ponderous compared to the instance format. When generating HL7 v2 Messages or CDA documents from scratch, KScript is the easiest way. If the content already exists, and must be massaged a little, KScript is a poor choice of language. For this reason, the only HL7Connect events that support KScript are the two for scripted interfaces generating new messages or documents. Note that you can also execute KScript directly using methods on THL7V2Manager and TCDAManager in the COM Library.

RoadMap to KScript Documentation

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