Language Settings

The purpose of the Language Settings is to allow you to add scripting languages to the HL7Connect Development IDE. JScript and VBScript are added automatically, but any other scripting languages will need to be added in order for the development IDE to recognise them. The Language Settings menu can be found in the Tools menu.

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There are 3 fields of interest in Language Settings dialog. These are "Extension", "Descriptive Language Name" and "Microsoft Script Control Language Name". The extension is the file extension you wish to associate with the scripting language your defining. The descriptive language name is what is displayed in drop down menus when choosing languages to code scripts in. The Microsoft Script control name is the name that COM knows this language as. For example, JSCRIPT is the name of the Microsoft JScript language, and VBSCRIPT is the name of the Microsoft VBScript language.

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There is a listbox on the left that contains all scripting file extensions currently defined for the IDE. You may have multiple extensions for the same language, but you should not have multiple languages with the same extension.

Supported Languages

This table summarises the status of script languages tested by the HL7Connect development team.

Language    Status    Comments
Javascript    Fully Supported    Implementation is actually JScript
VBScript    Fully Supported      
Python    Not supported    The Python language appears to be unable to use the HL7Connect API, so for the moment, Python is not supported. This will be investigated in the future

Other languages have not been tested

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