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LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes) is defined by Regenstrief and widely used in healthcare. In particular, CDA document and section codes are taken from LOINC. HL7Connect includes a copy of LOINC, and uses that copy to derive the names of any loinc codes that it sees. The LOINC name is displayed in the web interface when searching for messages, and can also be looked up in the scripts API (Kernel.LoincName(code) in VBScript/Javascript or just LoincName(coded) in KScript). In addition, you can view the LOINC definitions through the knowledge base.

It is not necessary for the LOINC definitions in HL7Connect to contain every LOINC code used in the CDA documents. If the LOINC code is not known, then no name will be available. However, it is possible to update the LOINC definitions in HL7Connect.

Updating the LOINC definitions

  1. You need a copy of an updated LOINC MS Access Database (part of the standard LOINC distribution). You can modify it yourself prior to uploading if you want, to add, delete or modify codes.
  2. Run the Manager
  3. Choose the Utilities Tab
  4. Click on the Import LOINC button
  5. Choose the LOINC MS Access Database from step #1
  6. Once the import is complete, you need to restart HL7Connect

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