HL7Connect gives authorised users the ability to edit raw HL7 messages or CDA documents.

An audit trail of all changes is kept, along with the different versions of each version. Previous, unedited, versions of the message or document can be restored if required.

Editing a Message or Document

  1. Locate, and view the message/document that requires editing.

    See Browsing Messages and Viewing Messages for details on finding and viewing messages.

  2. Click the Edit Message/Document button.
  3. Make the required changes to the raw content.
  4. Supply an Audit History comment
  5. Choose either "Update Message/Document with Validation" or "Update Message/Document with No Validation"

Message/Document Validation

Update Message/Document with Validation

The message/document is checked during saving, to ensure that the edited message or document does not contain non-valid content. For v2 messages, if the content previously contained a HL7 error, then this error will be accepted however any additional errors cannot be saved. You will be presented with a list of errors, which must be resolved before the message can be saved.

Update Message with NO Validation

Validation is NOT performed, and the message/document may be saved when it includes errors and invalid HL7 formatting, as long as basic parsing can be performed.

View Message Edit Audit Trail, and restore previous versions of the message or document

If a message has been changed then the option "View Edited Messages" is displayed when viewing a message.
NOTE: This option is not displayed if the message has NOT been edited.

To restore a previous message/document version

  1. Click on link corresponding to the version you wish to restore
  2. All versions of the message selected are displayed so you can check the current message and the one to be restored
  3. Place a comment in the Message Restore Audit History
  4. Click "Restore Message" button

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