The Message Spreadsheet (Tabulate) View allows the you to choose the HL7 message segments displayed. The list of messages to display can also be filtered using several criteria outlined below.

To browse by tabulate view:

  1. Click on Messages in the HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Click on Messages tab
  3. Click the Tabulate button
  4. Select the HL7 segments you wish to display
    NOTE: At least one segment must be nominated
  5. Enter the required filter criteria (if applicable)
  6. Click the Apply button

HL7 Segments

Use the three character code for the HL7 segments you wish to display.
NOTE: At least one HL7 segment must be nominated in order to display information on this page. Multiple segments can be separated by commas.

For example:

Filtering Messages

Filter the list by certain criteria to display the messages that you need:

Filter by field     Description of filter
MRN    Medical record number - a unique patient identifier. Only messages with a single MRN are indexed and found by the MRN.
Msg ID    The Message ID of the received message
DATE/TIME    Allows a search for messages, received by the interface, over a period of time
Event    Allows a search by event type. Use the 3 letter HL7 code for a particular event type ("A18"), or a single character for a particular class of events ("A").  
Source    The incoming interface which received the HL7 message
Queued to    Searches for messages queued to a particular interface

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