View Message or DOcument Information

The "Information for Message/Document" page allows you to work with a message or document in more detail.
There are a few functions available on this page, such as editing the content, viewing the content in raw or full views, and manually resending the message or document to an outbound interface.
To work with a message or document in more detail:

  1. Choose Messages/Documents in the HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Click on Browse Messages/Documents
  3. Browse for the message or document you are interested in and click on the View/Resend link

Information for Message/Document functionality

Edit the Annotations

You can update annotation values or delete annotations.

Edit the Content

Raw HL7 Messages or CDA documents can be edited if required. See Editing Messages for details.

Delete the message/document

Delete the message or document from the HL7Connect database immediately

Other views

The Raw View shows you the HL7 message as it is sent and received, with different fields separated by standard HL7 message delimiters. This is always shown in the "Raw Message View" section.

The Full View shows the message after it has been interpreted by the embedded HL7 Dictionary. Click the Full View button at the top of the screen to show the message in Full View.

The Document as XML shows you the CDA document as plain XML in the browser

The XSLT view shows you the CDA document after any transform in the document has been applied.

Resend the message/Document to an outbound interface

  1. Scroll down the page to the "Queue this Message/Document to" drop down box which lists the active outbound interfaces for the appropriate content type.

    snippedoutboundinterface.gif (1K)

  2. Select the interface to send the message/document to in the drop down box
  3. Click the Go button.
  4. The message/document will be automatically queued to this interface and will give you a confirmation screen where you can apply a script if required
  5. Click the Queue Selected Messages/Documents button to send the message/document to the outgoing interface

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