HL7Connect script settings share a common set of parameters described here. Further information about scripts and events can be found in the HL7Connect Development Environment documentation.

Script Parameters

Field    Description
Event    The event to which the script will be attached.

Refer to the HL7Connect Development Environment Help for greater detail.

File    Scripts are read from files as they are executed.

The file must be specified, and must be located on the same machine that HL7Connect is running on.

Procedure    The name of the procedure executed in the specified script file. This routine must be specified and provided.

NOTE: The procedure name is case sensitive in some script languages.

Parameter    This is an optional field. If provided, it is passed to the script in the event.parameter property. HL7Connect does not use this value, even though the script may.
On Error    Defines what HL7Connect will do if there is a compile error, or, if there is an unhandled run-time exception in the script. The following options exist:

Halt Service    The HL7Connect service will abruptly terminate with no attempt to clean up.
Stop Interface    The interface associated with the event will be stopped and cleaned up.
NOTE: This option is only available for interface associated events.
Ignore    The error will be ignored.

Any notification profiles selected, will be notified before this action is taken.
It is strongly suggested not to have "Ignore" as the option as script errors will be missed. HL7Connect support recommends to use "Stop Interface".

Debug    When selected, the Microsoft Debugger will be able to debug the script. Before the Microsoft Debugger can actually debug the script, there must be an error in the script, or the script must call the "breakpoint" routine, which will start the script debugger.

On Script Error notify

Selected notification profiles will be informed if there is a compile error, or if there is an unhandled run-time exception in the script.

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