HL7Connect can send and receive SMS messages

Configured Gateways

HL7Connect sends and receives SMS messages using an internet/SMS gateway. Before use, a gateway must be registered with HL7Connect (Administration...SMS gateways). The list of registered gateways is managed here.

When adding a registered gateway, a name must be supplied, and a protocol supplier chosen. Note that in the absence of a standard web <--> SMS gateway protocol, SMS service provider protocols must added manually to HL7Connect, and each provider uses their own custom protocol.

The list of additional configuration details depend on the SMS provider:

SMS Central http://www.smscentral.com.au/

To get an additional SMS provider registered, contact HL7Connect support.

Logging SMS messages

Every SMS messages sent or received by HL7Connect is recorded. The record can be accessed under Browse Logs...Internal...SMS Messages

Sending SMS messages

SMS messages are sent either by firing a notification or directly by a script using the IHL7ConnectSmsManager Interface (available as the global service "SMSmanager").

Receiving SMS messages

HL7Connect provides a background thread for checking SMS messages. This thread sits in the background checking for SMS messages. As messages are received, they are logged and then the kernel event "OnReceiveSms" is executed as configured for the gateway. A script is required, or regular error messages will be logged. The IHL7ConnectSmsManager Interface includes a method to force the kernel to check an SMS gateway immediately.

This script will be executed repeatedly until it returns without error. The thread will not move on and process additional messages until the message is processed without error.

Typically, the script that processes the message will trigger related actions, such as triggering a resend of a message, or converting the incoming SMS message to a HL7 v2 message that is meaningful to some destination system.

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