HL7Connect includes a built in Telnet server. The default port for this Telnet server is 23456, but this may be reassigned through the HL7Connect Global Settings.

Connect to the Telnet server

  1. Open a dos command window, and type in:

    telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx yyyyy (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the server, and yyyyy is the port it is waiting on)

  2. Once connected, a login prompt is displayed.
  3. Login using the same user name and password that you use when logging into the HL7Connect web interface.

The simple commands accepted by the Telnet session are geared to assist with troubleshooting if a total failure of HL7Connects internal infrastructure occurs.
To see a list of Telnet commands, type "help" (and enter).

Telnet Notes

Telnet debug information

Authenticated Telnet sessions will automatically receive the debug message feed, including records that go in HL7CDebug.log, and some additional information that is not logged.

The Telnet server is the first kernel service to start, and the last service to stop.

Delays in messaging

Messaging will be delayed while commands are entered into the Telnet session but will catch up, after the command is typed.

Logging on to the Telnet server

It is possible to log into the Telnet server while there is no database support, however, if this is done, no user accounts can be checked and anonymous access is allowed.
Any Telnet sessions established prior to the existence of database support will be terminated, once database support is initialised.

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