HL7Connect supports the use of scripts to allow the users to customise the way HL7Connect internal processes work. Scripting is principally used to translate messages and formats as information passes across HL7Connect from one system to another. However scripts may also be used to change message routing depending on conditions, and to perform miscellaineous administrative functions

HL7Connect exposes a powerful array of inbuilt types and services to the scripts so that they can perform whatever task is required. The services available to the scripts include:

The types, objects, constants and routines the support these services are collectively known as the "HL7Connect API" throughout the product and this documentation

Scripts are actually executed by the Microsoft Scripting Engine, and any language that is supported by the Microsoft Scripting Engine can be used in HL7Connect. However to do anything useful, scripts will require access to the HL7Connect API, and not all languages supported by the Microsoft Scripting Engine support the use of this API. See Language Status for further information.

In HL7Connect, scripts are event based. Scripts may be associated with a given event, and they will be executed whenever the specified event occurs in the system. Information will be passed to the script in the form of an event object which encapsulates the information available to the script for the event. In addition, several other services are available to the script while it is executing. The event object has properties appropriate to the specific event to allow the script to control how HL7Connect acts subsequently

The following event types have been defined for HL7Connect

Administrative Events:
  • OnKernelStart
  • OnKernelStop
  • OnRASDisconnect
  • OnKernelStop
  • OnInterfaceStart
  • OnInterfaceStop
    Operational Events:
  • OnMessageReceive
  • OnSendMessage
  • OnReceiveReply
  • OnSendReply
  • OnHL7Convert
  • OnHL7Build

These events are fully described in HL7Connect Events

The HL7Connect service (the "kernel") is geared towards enterprise critical production use. Although it is possible to debug scripts in the kernel using the microsoft script debugger, the kernel is not suitable for developing and debugging scripts. The HL7Connect suite includes the HL7Connect Development Environment which is suited to prototyping and debugging scripts prior to their implementation in production on the kernel.

The development environment includes:

hl7connect.com provides services to assist with Script development, including a script developers mailing list, a script repository, and up to date examples of real solutions developed in HL7Connect scripts. For further information, see the HL7Connect web site

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