The HL7Connect API provides an array of services to scripts. This documentation attempts to provide a structured overview of the HL7Connect API. This section of tutorial briefly describes the structural and navigation features of the documentation.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is arranged in the following fashion:
Introduction     Overview of Developing scripts for HL7Connect, including this tutorial
Development Environment    Documentation for the HL7Connect Development Environment
HL7 Libraries     Documentation for the portions of the HL7Connect API relating to HL7 messages and HL7 metadata (the Dictionary).
This section describes the types and routines for reading and manipulating HL7Messages
Database Access     Documentation for the portions of the HL7Connect API used to access SQL Compliant databases
With this functionality, scripts can connect to databases, obtain table, field and index lists, and perform SQL Queries against the databases.
HL7Connect Kernel     Documentation for the portions of the HL7Connect API that provides global services from the HL7Connect Kernel.
The services provided by the Kernel allow scripts to start and stop interfaces, make entries in HL7Connect logs, and send messages through the standard HL7Connect message delivery systems
Events     Documentation for the various event types passed to the scripts for the different HL7Connect events
Utilities     Miscellaneous utilities functions not otherwise categorised. These utilities include:
  • File utilities
  • Debugging Utilities
  • Sending Email
FAQ     FAQ for Script and HL7 Development


The index is built automatically from the keywords used in the internal definitions of the HL7Connect API

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