Video Demos
Free HL7Connect Videos Did you know that we have some video demonstrations to ease you into HL7Connect?

Click here to see them!

HL7Connect Service: Free Evaluation Download!

Download a free, 30-day evaluation of HL7Connect. (When you buy a full license, you can retain your setup.)

Included in evaluation download package:
  • HL7Connect Interface Engine
  • HL7Connect SDK:
    • COM Library
    • HL7Connect Developer
    • Extensive Documentation
  • MySQL Community Server, for if a database doesn't already exist
  • Mobile Phone Clients

Note: The evaluation version does not support configuration packaging & replication, but is fully featured in all other regards.

HL7Connect Box

Version: 2.00-063, Uploaded: 30-Nov 2015. Click here for version history