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HL7Connect Interface Engine Features

HL7Connect is a fully featured HL7 messaging interface engine that passes HL7 messages between HL7 compliant applications, removing the need for applications to interface directly.

HL7Connect provides all the features and functionality of an enterprise interface engine for large health organizations. HL7Connect supports interfacing via several transport protocols and provides support for message translation using JavaScript and VBScript. HL7Connect runs as a service on Windows NT, 2000 and XP. Data is stored in an SQL compliant database, in a choice of database systems. Administration and monitoring of HL7Connect is performed via a web browser.

For details on supported protocols, script languages, hardware, operating systems and database requirements please refer to the Technical Specifications.
  • Store and forward/routing

    HL7Connect provides HL7 message store and forward functions, including flexible routing configuration and automatic message expiry.

  • Multiple transport layers

    HL7Connect support multiple transport layers for exchanging messages. Full details can be found on the technical specifications page brochure.

  • Scripted message manipulation

    Utilize VBScripts or JavaScripts on incoming/outgoing interfaces to fully manipulate messages. You can even interact with databases and insert information into messages or databases using SQL statements.

  • HL7 V2.x supported

    All currently released HL7 V2.x versions are supported. HL7 messages including customized (Z) segments are also supported. The HL7Connect Development Environment can be used to develop scripts that transform messages between HL7 versions if required.

  • Notifications

    Email or Windows Event notification can be generated to alert staff to potential messaging issues.

  • Web browser interface

    HL7Connect provides an easy to use web browser interface. HL7 messaging can be administered and monitored with minimal IT and HL7 knowledge. Authorized users can administer HL7Connect from any workstation on the network.