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HL7 Consulting Services

The HL7Connect team has extensive expertise in all domains of HL7 and currently supports hundreds of interfaces and implementations of HL7Connect worldwide.

HL7 Training

A number of HL7 International certified specialists are available worldwide to give training in both HL7 v2 and v3. We offer a number of levels ranging from Introduction to HL7, through to advanced courses in either the HL7 standard itself or training for your staff in your message specification. These courses are ideal to users of HL7 from a variety of backgrounds including newcomers to HL7 through to the knowledgeable HL7 interface analyst, developer or implementer. All students are issued with a certificate of course completion and all courses are run by professional trainers who deal with HL7 on a daily basis.

In addition, we offer specific HL7Connect Training. This can be customised to your needs.

HL7 Consulting

As the use of HL7 standard continues to proliferate, many organisations have used the HL7Connect consulting team to help implement their HL7 projects. They are available for and have been involved in many HL7 projects, both in Australia and internationally, including:

  • co-chair key HL7 Technical Committees
  • Edit v2 and v3 specifications (v2 chapter 2, data types, templates, ITS)
  • Work with national health programs in Australia, UK, Canada, and USA

The primary focus for our HL7 consulting is helping our HL7Connect customers to implement their particular integration requirements.

For more information or for a quote on HL7 consulting please email

Dynamic Health IT : North American Consulting and Training

We are pleased to refer our North American inquiries to Dynamic Health IT, Inc. (formerly Robear Consulting). The company was started in 1999 to meet the demands or today’s hospital/healthcare information technology environment.

They are headquartered in the greater New Orleans area, and collectively have many years of experience in healthcare information systems technology. Their “core competence” is integration of healthcare data and that focus has lead to our selection of Dynamic Health IT as our exclusive North American Integration Partner for the HL7Connect interface engine from Kestral.

Dynamic Health IT has consultants throughout the United States. Their consultants have experience working for major software vendors and also for hospitals prior to joining the team. They have managed major projects and large groups of employees in addition to completing many software development projects and consulting engagements.

The associates of Dynamic Health IT are very friendly, easy to work with and strive to deliver value while focusing on top-notch support. Customer service is central to their mission and they strive for every customer to be a great reference. (Please pay a visit to their Testimonials page!)

To receive a free quote for any of your HL7 or HL7Connect consulting and training needs, please call the number below or email:

Or visit their web site at:

(504) 309-9103