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HL7Connect Development Environment Features

The HL7Connect Development Environment offers a wide arrange of functionality designed to maximize your HL7 work.

  • Scripting/Testcases

    Utilize VBScript or Javascript to create custom scripts which can be used to interact with an HL7 message as it passes through the gateway. The HL7Connect script engine has access to all parts of an HL7 message. Feel like changing, or adding to the message? No problem.

    You can even connect to external databases and insert parts of the HL7 message via SQL queries. Testcases allow full replication of live conditions such as message sending and receiving, so you can test confidently before trying your script in the production environment.

  • Message validation

    Click here to view PDF outline on HL7Connect message validation

  • LLP/Batch browsing

    Easily browse HL7 batches/LLP dumps.

  • Message send/receive clients

    Send/receive a message to HL7Connect or even another sending system via TCP/IP. A great way to check connections, test interfaces or view the reply to your message.

  • Built-in Database Browser

    Easily connect to a database and run SQL queries.

  • HL7 Message syntax highlighting

    The Development Environment has a highlighted view of HL7Connect messages so you can tell by glance problem areas in the message. Click on a part of the message and it will tell you exactly where the part is - it will even give you an error message if the contents are invalid!

  • Message viewing (ER7, XML, Tree View and HEX View)

    View HL7 messages (either from the HL7Connect message store or from other sources such as file) in various formats. Alternating between the views is no problem!

  • Create new HL7 messages, HL7 batches

  • Lexicon

  • OCL scripts/XML Transforms

  • Generate HL7 schemas

  • Embedded help files including tutorials to give you a hand in learning how to create scripts.