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HL7Connect Development Environment Videos

HL7Connect Development Environment

 The HL7Connect Development Environment provides tools to assist interface developers and HL7Connect system administrators to analyze HL7 messages, interact with databases, and develop HL7Connect scripts. The following video tutorials will take you through an overview of the scripting concepts within HL7Connect and how it can be used to solve your business problems. These tutorials can also be found in the embedded help file for the HL7Connect Development Environment (click on the Help > Tutorial menu option).

Prototyping Scripts

 To prototype a script, you need to create a script, and a test case. This tutorial demonstrates prototyping a script and test case that logs the application startup time to a text file in the HL7Connect log directory.

  1. Tutorial #2 - Using the HL7Connect Development Environment to prototype scripts

Translating an HL7 Message

 The following case study introduces the concept of translating selective components within an incoming message to a different format acceptable to a third party application (such as a laboratory information system). These tutorials cover translating values from a database table, locating data within an incoming message, moving data between components, updating and clearing the contents of components.

  1. Tutorial #5 - Parts A & B - Translating an HL7 message
  2. Tutorial #5 - Parts C, D & E - Translating an HL7 message

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